The past 10 years as a freelance writer have provided me with a varied and vast skill set. Topics I’ve covered range from Christmas lights to skin care; from local news to celebrity biographies. Site content and editing, news reporting and interviews, weekly e-newsletters, feature length articles and 150 word summaries are just a few of the services my clients have asked for.


Blankie’s Diary


Work Experience:





eBooks adhering to style and subject guidelines provided by HyperInk.

“Guide to Writing a Eulogy”

“100 Cutest Kittens On The Internet”

“Anna Wintour”

“How to Raise an Adventurous Eater”

“Jackson Pollock”

“Georgia O’Keeffe”

“Quicklet – Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”

“100 Best Quotes from Los Angeles Celebrities”


Gathering & summarizing news, entertainment, and fascinating internet topics into 300 character blurbs.


Activity Maine


“Paddling With the Kids”

“Take a Midcoast Hike”

“Racing With Kids”





“Go Fly A Kite”,

“Oyster Creek Mushrooms”

“ Hidden Valley Nature Preserve”



Starting Out:


Writer, Editor

Review websites and summarize content into short descriptions used in print and online.

Starting Out published books that assist people in transition. Publications focused on books for graduates, recent immigrants, and formerly incarcerated individuals find the resources they need for success.

Starting Out was purchased by McGraw-Hill in 2010.


Clips available upon request.


New England Post


Maine news for New England focused site.

“Maine Medical Marijuana Laws at Odds with Federal Laws; Local Police Unsure how to Deal with Stolen Plants”

“Consumers Concerned Over Gas Pump Discrepancies in Maine; Was it a Scam or a Simple Mistake?

Good Value and Responsible Sourcing – A Winning Combination for Maine Retailer

“Oxbow Brewery Takes Maine Beer Scene By Storm”


More available on request.


Derma Harmony:



Health and wellness articles focusing on skin health for web based supplement company.

Let’s Learn About Skin!



More available upon request.


Palms Development



Content for series of company owned websites:





Wiscasset Newspaper


Local news and events in Lincoln County, Maine

“Edgecomb Assisted Living Controversy”

“Charlie Summers, GOP Candidate for Senate”


“Humane Society Seeks Non-Profit Status”

Clips available on request.


Damariscotta Farmers’ Market:
Writer, Social Media

Weekly e-newsletter. Setup and maintained social media accounts.

Celebrate Food Independence

Farmers’ Market Is The Healthiest Choice

Preserve the Harvest

More available Upon Request.


Magnusson Balfour Real Estate:




Articles for newsletter and publication in Portland Press Herald.

“Phases of Business”

“Business Financing”

“Selecting the Right Broker”


Clips Available Upon Request




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